PMAK’s Mission

Founded in 1942, the Propane Marketers Association of Kansas is the only organization in Kansas dedicated solely to the propane industry. With nearly 200 members, PMAK’s mission is to Promote safety, unity, growth and profitability throughout the propane industry in Kansas.

PMAK strives to promote and develop the propane industry; to increase the effectiveness of propane service for the mutual benefit of the producers, distributors and users of propane; advance the methods of distribution, utilization and sales employed in the propane industry to the highest efficiency; promote communication and cooperation in all levels of the propane industry; advance knowledge through research, invention and market development; and to cooperate with other organizations in efforts toward economic advancement, accident prevention, conservation, standardization and other activities.

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540 NW Broad Street
Topeka, KS 66608

Phone: 785-354-1749
Fax: 785-354-1740

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