Member Benefits

Please contact the PMAK office for membership applications or with any questions pertaining to membership.

Provide safety, education, and training opportunities

  • Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) to fulfill requirements of NFPA 58
  • HazMat Employee Training to fulfill DOT’s requirements
  • District Meetings each spring and fall with information/education on current industry needs
  • Educational seminars at convention each June
  • Schools and seminars scheduled when necessary to update or learn new methods/needs
  • Library of educational and safety audiovisuals (no charge for use)
  • Literature for consumer education and safety

Provide Information

  • PMAK Propane News quarterly magazine
  • Work with the Kansas Corporation Commission in publishing and updating the Kansas Alternative Fuels Directory
  • Networking with fellow industry members at convention, trade show, and meetings (a valuable learning tool) Provide Products Necessary in Your Business
  • Brochures, pamphlets, etc. to education consumers and satisfy your duty-to-warn
  • Decals and labels for tanks, cylinders, and trucks; pamphlets, fuel meter tickets, etc.
  • Endorsement of drug and alcohol testing company and of emergency response provider

Maintain a Working Relationship with State Regulatory Agencies

  • Worked with the State Fire Marshal’s Office in establishing a Propane Advisory Board
  • Informs marketers of changes pertaining to NFPA 54 and NFPA 58 requirements
  • Provides a training program for propane dispenser operators
  • Works with Kansas Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Division to keep members informed of any changes of regulations

Represent Your Interests in the Kansas Legislature

  • Instrumental in establishing the Kansas LP-Gas Container Law restricting anyone else from filling tanks owned by you
  • During such unexpected crisis as the price spikes in 1989 – 90, spending many hours providing information to ward off additional regulation and price intervention
  • Successfully promoted and implemented HB 2038 in 2003 which established the Kansas Propane Education & Research Council
  • Instrumental in obtaining alternative fuels tax incentives
  • Supported and testified for the tax exemption for business machinery and equipment

Represent Your Interest in Congress and Federal Regulatory Agencies by Working with the National Propane Gas Association

  • Getting propane exempt from DOT’s proposal to prohibit “wet lines”
  • Keeping DOT from establishing rules which would mandate computer tracking of each propane delivery
  • Keeping the use of 1075 as the hazard ID number for shipments labeled “Propane”
  • Eliminating vehicles with a capacity of 3500 gallons or less from DOT’s $300 per year registration fee
  • Persuasion with code officials to eliminate any prohibition of propane appliance use below grade from the International Mechanical Code (combined the codes of ICBO, BOCA, and SBCCI)
  • Works with NPGA to promote propane as a clean burning, affordable alternative fuel
  • Supported NPGA efforts to exempt propane from the overabundant requirements of EPA’s Risk Management Plan
  • Provided information and pleas to DOT and Kansas’ congressional delegation to obtain relief from
  • DOT’s cargo tank rules
  • Stopping implementation of DOT’s proposed hours-of-service regulations which would be costly and unnecessary for propane delivery

These are a few of the reasons ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP DOESN’T COST……IT PAYS!!

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